FAQ >> About the Re-brand – Sudara

FAQ >> About the Re-brand

Curious about our rebranding process? We’d LOVE to fill you in!

Why are you changing your name?

Our former name [International Princess™ Project] has served us well and we will always cherish the meaning behind that name.  As we move into the next decade as a company, we deepen our commitment to find ways to generate even more jobs for women looking for a way out of sex slavery -- that means we need to offer more great products to you, our current customers, and broaden our product lines so that we can welcome new customers, too. The name SUDARA allows us more room to grow into additional products that can appeal to many different kinds of people.


Where does the name SUDARA come from?

SUDARA is inspired by the Sanskrit word meaning ‘beautiful.’ As we considered a name that would carry us into the future, we were drawn to the idea of beauty and the many ways it is revealed. It is seen in the people we work with, in the products we work together to produce, in moments of vulnerability within the communities of women healing from sexual slavery, and most important, it is the ever-growing confidence in the voice of a woman who is living in Freedom.


Will PUNJAMMIES™ still exist?

Absolutely! PUNJAMMIES™ are the primary product we offer! The only change is that they will now be PUNJAMMIES™ by SUDARA.


So, what kind of NEW things can we expect to see from SUDARA in the coming year?

A PUNJAMMIES™ for Girls line -- which has been a long-time request from many of you and other customers! We’re also beginning production on a Men’s line and plan to offer Boys sizes shortly after that. It’s going to be an exciting year and we hope by the end of it, we’ll have the whole family decked out in their own pairs of PUNJAMMIES™. Also, for all who have missed our minis [PUNJAMMIES™ shorts], keep your eyes peeled for some big news! And, we know a lot of people say this, but truly, this is just the beginning! There will be so many new and beautiful things available this year, which allows for more job-creation in India.  And, that’s the bottom line: Your purchases -- your buying power -- translate into more jobs that we are able to offer to even more women looking for a way out of the sex-trade!


Have a question we didn’t answer? Don’t be shy! Send it on over to info@sudara.org

March 12, 2015 by Kelly Casciotta

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