The Cycle of Sex Trafficking...and the Pathway to Freedom – Sudara

The Cycle of Sex Trafficking...and the Pathway to Freedom

Since we began our work in India, over 300 women have been employed through one of our Sudara sewing center partners. That means over 300 women who are living in freedom from sex slavery. Over 300 women who have a newfound hope for their future. What you may not know is that your support has also helped their children -- about 500 children total -- attend school and receive medical care.

We believe in and know there is HOPE.  We see it every day in the eyes of the women at the sewing centers.  When you empower a woman to live in freedom, you are also empowering her to break the generational cycle of slavery that could have been the future for her children. There is HOPE, indeed. 

We'd love for you to share, pin, tweet, email...just tell others! about this hope and share the infographic below.  You can also support the work of these women and empower them to continue living in freedom by wearing PUNJAMMIES™ or any of the items available at  Thanks so much for your continued support!


 [Infographic designed by the talented people of 454 Creative ]
June 14, 2015 by Erika Chambers

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