Sudara Stories: Priya

Sudara Stories: Priya

We love sharing stories of the women who, as part of a skills-training program, sew together PUNJAMMIES™.  The Sudara Stories series highlights a few of these strong, amazing women. Today, we are honored to introduce Priya.

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Priya could tell you about a childhood filled with sexual abuse by family, about the mother who abandoned her, about life with an alcoholic father. She could tell you about the great difficulties she faced trying to earn an education and of the step-mother who forced her into the sex-trade as a way to contribute to the family income. But, that's not the way she sees herself anymore.

Instead, she will tell you about the kind neighbors who helped her run away from home, about the community workers who brought her to one of the Sudara sewing centers, and about the job training she receives there. She will beam with great pride -- and you'll hear a growing confidence in her voice -- as she talks about her work, about the new family she has within this community of women and the new-found hope she has for her future.

Thank you for continuing to invest in and empower women like Priya to create a new life for herself -- a life that is free from sex-slavery and full of hope.

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July 14, 2015 by Erika Chambers

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