Sudara Stories: Bhara

Sudara Stories: Bhara

We love sharing stories of the women who, as part of a skills-training program, sew together PUNJAMMIES™. The Sudara Stories series highlights a few of these strong, amazing women. Today, we are honored to introduce Bhara.

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Bhara's mother, Esther, was sold into the sex trade as a young girl. Esther's family lived in great poverty and there were not many options for work in her village. So, when a man came to Esther's father and promised a good job for his daughters if they would come with him to Mumbai, he somewhat hesitantly sent Esther along. He told her that he would see her again soon and to please send money home from the big city. Once she arrived in Mumbai, though, she was sold into a brothel. And, it was in this same brothel that she later gave birth to and began to raise Bhara.

After many years in Mumbai, Esther returned to her home village in search of her father and a safe place for her and Bhara to live. She soon learned that her father had died the previous year of a heart attack and the rest of her family had left in search of work.

Esther, without a place to live or family to help her, felt that she had no other choice but to enter the sex trade again under a pimp. The money she received in her village, though, was far less than she received in Mumbai. And, under pressure from the pimp to bring in more money, she tried repeatedly to force Bhara into the sex trade too.

Bhara ran away from home one evening while her mother was at work. She found safety at a community center in a nearby village and, with the help of a local NGO, was brought to the Sudara skills-training centers where she is still enrolled. Bhara expects to graduate next year and has plans of becoming a teacher.

Thank you for continuing to invest in and empower women like Bhara to create a new life for herself -- a life that is free from sex-slavery and full of hope.

Read more Sudara Stories here. And, find the PUNJAMMIES™ we named in honor and celebration of Bhara in capris and full-length pants.

May 02, 2015 by Erika Chambers



Ruth said:

I always get compliments on my Punjammies when I wear them. Every chance I get, I tell every woman I know to buy them because of stories like this one. Thank you for caring enough to help these women. As soon as I can, I’m buying a few more pairs! Many blessings, Ruth


Laura said:

What a brave woman you are! Blessings to you!! May your story inspire others.

I love this pattern – it appears to be out of stock. Any plans to restock soon? Thanks!


Timothy said:

I know words are not enough to express the impact of what you are doing, not only to sex slavery victims but even to the entire communities that hire them. I hope this will just be the beginning.


Bridgette said:

I LOVE what Sudara has done and is doing for victims of sex trade. It sickens me the more I find out about this horrific crime. I want to help as much as I can. I’m ordering all of my Christmas gifts through Sudara. Thank you for your amazing work!!!

Kira Gray

Kira Gray said:

I absolutely LOVE the concept of empowering woman to be in charge of their own lives. It stuns me that slavery – of any sort – still exists in today’s day and age. I am about to place my first order for Punjammies and plan to place many more orders in the near future. I deeply admire these brave women who are forging new lives for themselves.

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