From the Ground: Moms on a Mission

May 05, 2021 1 min read

Moms around the globe want the same things for their families; safety, nourishment, shelter, clean air and water, education, and opportunities. It’s pretty simple. We might have contrasting ways to get there, but we aren’t so different. As mothers and supporters of mothers, our Sudara Community personifies “Moms on a Mission.” As I am sure you have seen, the news from India is heartbreaking, but the information from the ground is even more desperate. The women we serve in India suffer disproportionately, as people on the margins do during a crisis, so a temporary shift was imperative.  The fear of leaving their children orphaned is a terrifying reality and something that all mothers feel deeply. These mothers are the sole provider for their children, so vaccinating them is a top priority. Vaccines are in limited supply and our partner on the ground is working to get them from private hospitals with donated funds.  Another priority is keeping them and their families fed through the next critical month of this crisis. Your donations for life-saving aid are getting into the hands of the women we serve and the Indian citizens in need, as we speak. So, when we come out the […]

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