Girls Night In & PUNJAMMIES®

January 11, 2017 1 min read

We always look forward to girls nights at home.  What’s not to love about spending time with great friends, sharing good food and relaxing in comfortable loungewear?! A few bloggers recently shared how they like to spend their girls night in — and we’re seeing a PUNJAMMIES® and Darling magazine theme. Do you have any favorites or must haves when you get together with girlfriends? We’d love to hear about them!

Sequins at Breakfast

Laura of Sequins at Breakfast said her girls nights in almost always involve “a DIY pizza party where we laugh over wine and mini pizzas before throwing on our PJ’s.” (She’s wearing the Sumi-print PUNJAMMIES®).  We’re also all about her idea of “binging on sweet and savory popcorn” and “chit chatting through a chick flick.”

Laura Mueseler Girls Night In Punjammies

Laura Mueseler of Sequins at Breakfast

Life Simplified

Cassidy of Life Simplified said her idea of a perfect girls night is, “comfy jammies, sweet treats, good reads and a little skin TLC.”

Girls Night In with Karuna-print PUNJAMMIES

Cassidy of Life Simplified wearing Karuna-print PUNJAMMIES®


Lauren of Vandifair prefers the Jynci-print PUNJAMMIES®, popcorn, a Chardonnay and a lineup of Disney movies because these movies are “certain to make you laugh, cry and bring back childhood memories.” Beauty and the Beast is one of our personal favorites.

Girls Night In Sudara loungewear Vandifair

Vandifair and Jynci PUNJAMMIES®

Mary Ellen Skye

The only guy allowed at Mary Ellen’s Girls Night is #thermanthedog. We can understand why! We love the black and white, palms-print PUNJAMMIES® on her! And how cozy and comfy is that couch?!

Girls Night In with Mary Ellen Skye and PUNJAMMIES

Mary Ellen and #thermanthedog

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