Making a Statement on Campus

August 21, 2016 1 min read

Back to class is here and we have the super-comfortable statement tees and healthy smoothies to help us power through late-night study sessions.  We’re all about making a statement for freedom!  Here are a few of our favorite statement tee looks for the upcoming school year.

The statement tee that says it all: People are NOT property!

Statement Tees Campus Style

People Are Not Property Tee

The ‘Not (just) a Sweatshirt’ sweatshirt — a simple reminder about the collective impact we have when we purchase clothes that do good.

Statement Tees Campus Style

This is Not a Sweatshirt worn by the lovely @aubrays

The long-sleeve tee that makes us so excited for fall and cooler weather.

Statement Tees Campus Style

Super-soft, long-sleeve Magic Elephant Tee

Love Changes the World statement tee.  Love doesn’t just make the world go ‘round, it also changes the world in which we live.

Statement Tees Campus Style

Love Changes the World

Namaste. A way to recognize the light, dignity and worth that lives within a fellow human being — the light, dignity and worth that lives within us all.

Statement Tee Campus Style

Namaste Super-Soft Tee

We will be free. A hope that we share and what unites us in action — that millions more women will one day be free from human trafficking and sex slavery.

Statement Tees Campus Style

We Will Be Free Tank

Not-so-basic black for the simplest statement of all: Sophisticated casual style.

Statement Tees Campus Style

Happy Village Tank in Not-So-Basic Black


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