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Kerri & Annie Hilton

Freeset -- Sudara Sewing Center Partner
Freeset is a Fair Trade Guaranteed organization that exists for the many women who have never had the choice to be free. We care about the thousands in West Bengal who are vulnerable to sex trafficking and the women who don’t get to choose their occupation.
We make bags, tees and hand-woven fabrics, and love that we are part of India’s long history of cotton and jute products. We also really love journeying with more than 200 outstanding women who have chosen freedom. We are providing each one with health insurance, a retirement plan and a fair wage. Every woman who finds freedom through Freeset also brings freedom to her family, finding hope for a brighter future and the means to make it a reality. 
April 07, 2017 by Alex Murray
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Prem + Priya

Ivana -- Sudara Sewing Center Partner

Ivana provides women who are at a high risk of human trafficking with skills training on computers and tailoring.  The center also offers counseling services for every woman as well as on-site childcare for their children and at-risk children in the community.  Ivana also implemented flexible work hours to better meet the needs of the mothers who drop off and pick up their children from school each day. 

Prem and Priya Sudara Partners

April 06, 2017 by Sudara Admin
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Saji + Cynthia John

Ben Holistic -- Sudara Sewing Center Partner

Ben Holistic provides women who are at a high risk or survivors of human trafficking with skills training in sewing, computers, cosmetology, and spoken English.  The center also offers counseling services for every woman and safe housing, as needed. 

"We at Ben Holistic not only strive hard to make our beneficiaries self-sustainable but our work as well.  Our partnership with Sudara helps us in achieving this goal and, together, we are continuing to transform the lives of hundreds of women and children who are at risk of human trafficking."

Saji and Cynthia John

April 06, 2017 by Sudara Admin
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Shannon Keith

Founder + CEO

Hi, I’m Shannon!

I live in Bend, OR with my dear family - a husband of 15 years and counting, and 3 of the most fascinating kids/human beings I have ever known. Along with being Sudara’s Founder + CEO, a really fun part of my job is being a storyteller of our mission, cause, and commitment to the Sudara team & women we serve in India. I am completely convinced that the power of social business can and is changing the world.

My spare moments are almost always spent collecting memories with my family and friends seeking some sort of adventure, travel or good food. I am a nerd at heart... I love to learn and the process of learning... be it books, art, gourmet food, wine, cocktails... but the application of the learning is equally important to me. Who just wants to read about life? I thrive off turning my learnings into action.

Shannon Keith Sudara Staff Image

March 18, 2017 by Sudara Admin
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CJ Bente

Warehouse Associate

Hello, Charles Jarome Douglas is the name, and the Sudara warehouse is the game. I scurry like a mouse from aisle to aisle picking your lovely garments and packing them with a great big smile. My goal is to make our customers happy, even if I'm tired and need a nappy.  My free time is saturated with mountains and trees and I feel most at home amongst the flowers and the bees. I make jewelry, go to breweries and watch movies with my dog and girlfriend.  And we are very content in the city of Bend.

CJ Bente Sudara Staff Image

March 18, 2017 by Sudara Admin
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Tessie Blake

Design + Merchandising

I am a part of both design and merchandising teams for Sudara. I love being part of this company because not only can I do what I love, but I get to work for the most beautiful cause.

In my free time, I will take any opportunity to drink coffee and get to know new and/or nice people. Also, I love to cross country ski and hike around the beautiful landscape of Bend.

Tessie Blake Sudara Staff Image

March 18, 2017 by Sudara Admin
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Erika Chambers

Brand Manager

Hi, I’m Erika.

As brand manager, my goal is for everyone who hears the Sudara name to be inspired by our story and beautiful products, take a stand for the cause, and tell all of their friends and family about us. I was a part-time volunteer with Sudara for six years prior to joining the team full-time in 2017. 

As for my free time, I love to cook and read old cookbooks. I love watching football with my husband; I'm slightly obsessed with ESPN's 30 for 30 series. I love live music -- Josh Garrels and Explosions in the Sky are personal favorites. I love to run kind of long distances with friends. I am inexplicably terrible at kickball, tennis, and frisbee golf.

Erika Chambers Sudara Staff Image

March 18, 2017 by Sudara Admin
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Casey Cowan

Communications Director

I spend my day at Sudara working to promote and share our mission. I was drawn to Sudara's commitment to social justice and drive to break the cycle of poverty.

In my free time I love to camp, hike, travel, and explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Casey Cowan Sudara Staff Image

March 18, 2017 by Sudara Admin
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Logan Kihs

Warehouse Associate

Hi, I'm Logan.

I am part of the warehouse team so most of the time that includes things like: fulfilling orders and various organizational tasks that help things run smoothly. In a nutshell, my job is to get as many things done as I possibly can in a day [including getting your order out on time]!

When I am not at work I spend most of my time with my friends hanging out in the beautiful city of Bend, doing things such as hiking, floating the river or just walking around downtown.

Logan Kihs Sudara Staff Photo

March 18, 2017 by Sudara Admin
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Katie Maginnis

Office Manager

Hi, I'm Katie! In my role at Sudara, I spend much of my time keeping our office organized, greeting visitors, arranging travel, and answering the phone. As needed, I also get to work on special projects and updates to our facilities too. 

For me, being part of a company with a mission of empowering women is much more than a job; it's a chance to make positive changes that will ripple outward over time. I am so grateful for that opportunity! 

When I'm not at Sudara, I spend my time enjoying the great outdoors with my friends and family, playing saxophone, taking care of my freshwater aquarium critters, and nerding out on nature & travel documentaries. 

Katie Maginnis Sudara Staff Photo

March 18, 2017 by Sudara Admin
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