Isabelle Colas-Adeshina

Program + Research Manager, Sudara Freedom Fund
Hi, I‘m Isabelle! 
Being raised in both the United States and Haiti has become the foundation of my passion in helping and empowering others. The best part of my job as a Program and Research Manager is being able to use data and anecdotes from our centers to visually see and share the positive impact Sudara has for the women we serve in India.  I am a firm believer that storytelling alongside clean data is increasing positive impact across the globe, and constantly inspires me to share Sudara’s story and mission to everyone I meet. 
As for my spare time, I absolutely love learning… so you will always find me learning something new, it may be taking data analysis classes, or learning about how and why cultures are the way they are or the foundations of social economics. Another fun fact…  I collect books I find inspiring for fun, traveling makes my soul happy and video games are my zen... basically I am proud nerd at heart.
November 01, 2019 by Sudara Admin
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