November 01, 2019 1 min read

Head of Sales, Sudara Inc.

Margaret began her journey with Conscious companies and Mindfulness business practices about 5 years ago. Drawing on her first-hand experience at top companies as diverse as Apple and NTT Data, she saw the need to create a synergistic relationship between creating meaningful customer experiences and corporate efficiencies and profitability.  As a certified Mindfulness Coach for businesses and an experienced sales and marketing professional, Margaret found the Sudara team in perfect alignment with her heart and talents. 

Margaret has led national and global sales and marketing teams focused in the SaaS world delivering world class service and innovative solutions. In recent times, she ran Solutionography, a company focused on an inside out/outside in approach to creating meaningful and sustainable successes. Because of her passion to help to create conscious and mindful leaders, she developed a virtual coaching platform - Modern Leaders. The 12-week online class takes young professionals, moving into management, through a thorough leadership development skills training with a focus on conscious and mindful business practices. She is a speaker and thought leader within the mindful business and young professional development communities. 

As Head of Sales, Margaret is responsible for overseeing all sales activities including; working with enterprise and wholesale channels, inspiring the Sudara Sisterhood, examining growth opportunities, enabling sales improvements, and ensuring the department's performance against targets so that the Sudara mission is realized globally.