Saji + Cynthia John

Ben Holistic -- Sudara Sewing Center Partner

Ben Holistic provides women who are at a high risk or survivors of human trafficking with skills training in sewing, computers, cosmetology, and spoken English. The center also offers counseling services for every woman and safe housing, as needed. 

"We at Ben Holistic not only strive hard to make our beneficiaries self-sustainable but our work as well. Our partnership with Sudara helps us in achieving this goal and, together, we are continuing to transform the lives of hundreds of women and children who are at risk of human trafficking."

Saji and Cynthia John

May 20, 2019 by Sudara Admin
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Kalpana + Adeline

Zobhana -- Sudara Sewing Center Partner

Zobhana Enterprises is a Private Limited Company established in India to bring freedom to women.  We exist to impact the poor, the forgotten, the abused and abandoned, as well as those vulnerable to trafficking by bringing hope and transformation through training, equipping, education and employment. Our relentless goal is to teach women and girls their worth and significance in a culture that doesn’t readily value women. Offering skills and education have positive long-term effects and providing jobs assist to overcome poverty.

Our mission is to empower women so they may live in dignity, security, and confidence.  We are in ethical and sustainable business for one reason and that is for FREEDOM! 

It is our pleasure to offer products and services made with love as we follow the guidelines of the World Fair Trade.  T-shirts, hoodies, joggers, bags, apparel, bandanas, etc are some of the products that we offer.

Your involvement with Zobhana is helping to change India, one woman at a time.


May 20, 2019 by Sudara Admin
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