It's great to meet you! The Sudara team is comprised of sewing center partners and associates across India and the U.S.  We come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences but share a passion for empowering women, ending human trafficking, and the power of social enterprise to create deep, sustainable impact.

Saji + Cynthia John

Ben Holistic -- Sudara Sewing Center Partner

Kalpana + Adeline

Zobhana -- Sudara Sewing Center Partner

Kerri & Annie Hilton

Freeset -- Sudara Sewing Center Partner

Prem + Priya

Ivana -- Sudara Sewing Center Partner

Shannon Keith

Founder + CEO

Isabelle Colas-Adeshina

Program & Research Manager

John Arathoon

Warehouse Manager

Matt Collins

Associate Director of Sudara Freedom Fund

Glenn Parrish

Benefit Governor + Executive Director

Jennifer Rajah

Production Coordinator

John Rajah

Director of India Operations

Gabriel Visva Kumar

Sewing Trainer + Quality Control