It's great to meet you! The Sudara team is comprised of sewing center partners and associates across India and the U.S.  We come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences but share a passion for empowering women, ending human trafficking, and the power of social enterprise to create deep, sustainable impact.

Shannon Keith

Founder + Chairwoman, Sudara Inc.


Lisa Flynn

CEO, Sudara Inc.

Molly Bull

VP of Marketing, Sudara Inc.

Margaret Cascio

Head of Sales, Sudara Inc.

John Arathoon

Logistics Manager, Sudara Inc.

Gabriel Visva Kumar

Sewing Trainer + Quality Control, Sudara International

Glenn Parrish

Benefit Governor + Executive Director, Sudara Freedom Fund

Matt Collins

Associate Director, Sudara Freedom Fund

Isabelle Colas-Adeshina

Program + Research Manager, Sudara Freedom Fund

Saji + Cynthia John

Ben Holistic -- Sudara Sewing Center Partner