Inspired Leaf Tea

Sudara has partnered with local Bend, Oregon company, Inspired Leaf Tea, to offer an assortment of flavorful, artisan tea creations

Choose from - 
  • Elephant Friendly™ Assam black tea - This Elephant Friendly™ Assam black tea is very smooth and has a wonderful sweetness, with a slight citrus note. When you purchase this soothing tea you are not only supporting Sudara and the women in India, but you are also supporting Inspired Tea’s efforts to save the Asian elephant.
  • Lavender Creme Earl Grey black tea - Luscious lavender and smooth cream, paired perfectly with bold bergamot.
  • Cardamom Vanilla black tea - Assam black tea, green cardamom pods and a touch of creamy vanilla tops off this delicious blend.
  • Honeybush Vanilla Chai tea - Warm and spicy with a creamy, natural sweetness. Our honeybush vanilla chai is a herbal blend of organic honeybush, organic rooibos, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic ginger and natural flavor.
  • Vanilla White Rose Monkey green tea - Hand picked Bai Mao Hou complimented with creamy rose.
  • Lemon Drop Camomile herbal tea - Soothing chamomile with a citrus twist.

Made in India

Indian woman working with sewing machine, scissors, and fabric

Empowering Women

Nine Indian women standing together wearing bright colored saris and smiling