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Princy Shorts

Punjammies™ lounge pants

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Made proudly in India by women working to remain free from sex slavery. Perfect for meaningful gifts or a little something for yourself.

White palms lounging across deep, shadowy black make this high contrast print an instant classic and favorite for all-things-vacation. Trimmed with a flat pleated edge making it perfect for wearing around the house or dressed up for warmer days at the park or poolside.

Fabric and Care
- 100% Rayon
- Machine wash on gentle cycle with cool water, line dry

Product Details
Natural waist
- Side pockets
Matching drawstring trimmed with wooden beads and elasticized waistband.
Made with hope in India.




Princy began working at Sudara partner sewing center after her husband could not find a stable job and her father-in-law had become increasingly violent towards her.

She came to the centers with great hope for creating a new life for herself and her family — a life that is free from the physical abuse and uncertainty she faces at home.

Princy is proud of the fact that her work at the sewing centers helps provide for her family and gives her daughter access to a good education, too.

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