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In support of the scientifically backed findings from the NIH and NCBI that 20 minutes of meditation daily can help reduce stress, increase immune function and improve sleep; Sudara has partnered with mindfulness expert, Meris Gebhardt of Opulent Mindfulness. Meris has curated this series specially for Sudara. Included in the series are three 10 minute meditations.

The Way of the Baklava. Don't let the layers of life - responsibilities, health, confinement, expectation, fears and worries - crush you. This meditation will help to breathe life into the challenges you might be facing and open space between the layers and pressures to feed the soul with sweetness.

 Self-Compassion is Not for Sissies - Only once we soften toward self may we be tender and loving toward others. This notion that self-care is not selfish must be realized. This meditation allows us to sit and extend a virtual loving hand and heart to those in our world.

 Life is Like a River - Life continues to flow, stressors continue to come our way. Our minds and bodies are like a screen cutting through this river of life, catching all the debris. Meditation is our time to pause, pull the screen out of the river, purge the junk, clean the screen and relieve our beings of the stockpile of stress. This meditation will help you to emerge clean, gleaming, and lighter.

 Enjoy these 10 minute guided audio meditations. Whether you're new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, these moments in quietude will elevate your consciousness and allow greater ease into your life. Former clients in NYC include: spotify, airbnb, venmo, zillow, pinterest, christian dior and more. Training: MBSR, Compassion Cultivation Training, Non-Violent Communication.

Every purchase invests in job-creation and skills-training programs for women in India who are at the highest risk or survivors of sex trafficking.